Articles about Christian Recovery from Addictions

Christian Recovery Articles: Winning The Battle of Addictions

by Jamee Rae Pineda

The following are links to a series of Christian recovery articles on The Solid Rock Road Blog, written by Jamee Rae Pineda, co-founder and co-director of The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program.  These articles offer help for Christians in addiction and guidance for families of the addicted. Several articles are also written on the subject of Christian intervention strategies.

Here are portions of our latest Christian recovery blogs and links to the full articles for Christians struggling with addictions. It is time to get set free from drugs and alcohol!

Freedom from Addictions - Christian Recovery
So many people ask the question, “How does a Christian quit addictions?” The initial response is quick. We answer, “Through the transforming power of God.” But that answer doesn’t answer everything. In fact, it offers new questions. What is the transforming power of God? How does God’s power help with addictions? And how do I start the process of recovery from addictions?

Christian Recovery: Death to Your Sin Nature

It's all about choices to become clean and sober. As Christians have to kill our sin nature and enact our God nature. My challenge to you right now is to stop and take a long look in the mirror. If you don’t like what you see, it is time to turn things around...

Do I Have to Call Myself and Addict If I am Saved?

The Word of God declares us whole. It declares us to be more than conquerors. It declares that we are overcomers. It is with this New Creation Reality that we find our true identity in Christ.

Christian Recovery: The Battle of the Mind

When you’re in the midst of your addictions, you will naturally feel more connected to like-minded people. In your sin nature, you want to hang around people who are doing what you’re doing, or are worse than you. They make you feel better about yourself. No matter how crazy the environment gets, you would rather be with those who don’t appear to be judging you or limiting your behavior.

Christian Recovery: Why Can't I Quit My Addictions?

Many people want God to deliver them out of addictions, but He may have a different plan. This article shows the two different ways God used to set Jerry and Jamee Pineda free from addictions. One was delivered, the other one experienced freedom from addictions by suffering withdrawals and temptation.

Christian Recovery: What is The Solid Rock Road?

In this article, Jamee describes The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program and explains the benefits establishing this system in churches and Christian organizations. In this article on Christian recovery, Jamee writes this to make a point about how The Solid Rock Road differs from other recovery models: "Through the ministry, former addicts are encouraged to assimilate into the Body of Christ rather than separate and congregate as 'The Recovery People.'"

Christian Recovery: How to Stay Clean and Sober Forever

This article offers some practical and spiritual advice on how to win the battle of addictions once and for all. It is based on 1 Corinthians 10:13, which tells us that we can escape from any and all temptations -- that God has provided a way of escape. When we take the way of escape we can be free from drugs and alcohol the rest of our lives.

Christian Recovery: Check Your Heart

Every Christian needs to check their heart when it comes t o their relationship with God, but this is especially true for Christians in addiction who have an ongoing battle with drugs and alcohol. In this case, they desperately need the heart of David, who is said to be a person after God's own heart.

Christian Recovery: Don't Open Addiction Doors

While Satan can't make anyone do anything, he and his demons do spent a lot of time 'suggesting'  to those who struggle with addictions that one drink won't hurt.  But be careful about opening any addiction doors -- even just a crack. Christian recovery via The Solid Rock Road is all about identifying the plans of the enemy and doing what's necessary to destroy them.

Christian Recovery: Responding to Life's Troubles.

For those who struggle with addictions, troubles in this life can open doors to temptation and trigger serious episodes of abuse with drugs and/or alcohol. But such a cycle presents a major dilemma because God expects us to respond properly to traumas and heartbreaks.

Are You Addicted to the Addict?

While the life of an addict is crazy and filled with chaos, the loved ones usually find themselves in the center of the insanity right along with them. In most cases, family and friends get so caught up trying to save the addict, their behavior turns sinful because a ‘messianic complex’ doesn’t make room for God.

Christian Recovery: Reconciling Your Past

Often times, your past can control your future, causing you to relive bad experiences over and over. However, you can reconcile your past at the cross of Jesus Christ where all your sins and issues related to your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol are forgiven. This means that you don't have to live as a victim, but instead, have victory.

Wise Counsel in Christian Recovery

Many Christians, especially those coming out of the world and off of drugs and alcohol, get in trouble when they believe they are hearing God when it’s actually the voice of their sinful man coming through loud and clear. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people in recovery end up relapsing because they were sure that God was speaking and releasing them to do this or that.

Keep the Devil at a Distance: Christian Recovery

God can read your mind, but Satan can’t. However, the devil knows how to manipulate you through fears and questions he perceives that you have. All Satan has to do is watch your behavior, wait for your reactions, observe your body language, and listen to what you say. Since Satan knows the Bible backward and forward, he uses Luke 6:45 to make plans: “For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. In other words, he listens for signs of weakness. He 'hears' your heart."

The following is a list of several other articles on The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery blog:

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