What is The Solid Rock Road
Founders and Directors of the Solid Rock Road Christian Recovery Program/Ministry

Pastor Jerry Pineda preaching Pastor Jerry Pineda has served as the Director of the Solid Rock Road Christian recovery program since early 2002 and is a former staff member of OnTrack’s Dad’s Program, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Medford, Oregon. Prior to moving to Oregon, Pastor Jerry worked as a counselor at Casa Oasis, a California-based prison pre-release program in San Jose, California. He holds a Theology Degree from Zoe Bible College and served as an elder at Joy Christian Fellowship from 2004 to April, 2013. Pastor Jerry and his wife Jamee are currently senior pastors of Destino Cristiano in La Paz, Mexico, and have established The Solid Rock Road Mission Center in the California Baja Sur region of Mexico!

Contact Jerry at TheSolidRockRoad@gmail.com

Jamee Rae Pineda, Christian CounselorJamee Rae Pineda
earned a Biblical Theology Degree from Zoe Bible College in 2002. Sh
e is currently a teacher for Zoe and a speaker for women's ministries. Jamee has worked as a professional writer and editor since 1985 and is owner/CEO of Writing For All Reasons in Medford, Oregon. Jamee co-wrote Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery and The Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual, released in late summer 2012.  Jamee also writes articles and blogs on the subject of Christian recovery, Christian intervention and others, click here.

Contact Jamee at JameeTheWriter@gmail.com


Christian recovery in Medford, OregonThe Solid Rock Road Christian Recovery Ministry
Complete Freedom in Christ.
No More Coping!

The Solid Rock Road Christian recovery ministry is an outreach of Joy Christian Fellowship in Southern Oregon, with locations across the Pacific Northwest and spreading throughout the U.S and into Mexico. The method of recovery is transferable to other churches with training and resources available to assist in starting Solid Rock Road ministries anywhere in the world. The addictions treatment program is based on 10 Bible-based principles and takes people on a 10-week experiential journey of spiritual awareness and self-discovery, ending in freedom that lasts a lifetime. Along the way, participants seize opportunities for change and receive spiritual tools and weapons to fight and win the battle for their own souls. Along The Solid Rock Road of radical recovery, the truth is revealed and the fire of God successfully transforms lives. In addition, the Solid Rock Road assists families with Christian intervention techniques.

Group participants use the book
Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery in their recovery. (The book is also a great resource for individuals looking for complete freedom in Christ.) To facilitate groups, "The Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual" also became available in the summer of 2012.ailtatorManual will be published soon. The Solid Rock Road team is also available to speak, teach and train.

Sherry Colby: In 2002, Sherry Colby received by inspiration the 10 principles of the Solid Rock Road and co-founded the Bible-based program with Pastors Jerry and Jamee Pineda. As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, she was the ministry's lead counselor and group facilitator for nearly 10 years, providing individual and group counseling to recovering addicts looking for a God-based alternative to traditional treatment. 
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