What is The Solid Rock Road?
 Christian Recovery God's Way!

The Solid Rock Road is a
ristian recovery program based on 10 Bible-based Principles of recovery, used by individuals and in a group recovery process. We use God's Word as our source!

The Directors of The Solid Rock Road are Pastors Jerry and Jamee Pineda who have been in the recovery ministry since 2002. They are both ex-addicts with theology degrees who practice and promote the 10 Principles. They are also senior pastors at Destino Cristiano in La Paz, Mexico

This method of recovery
is all about freedom in Christ: understanding freedom, attaining freedom, and maintaining freedom from drugs and alcohol for a lifetime. In addition, The Solid Rock Road is being used to deal with all kinds addictions and other issues, obsessions, attitudes and behaviors.

The Book: "Follow The Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery"

The Manual: "The Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual"

Important note:  The Spanish version of our Christian recovery book and Christian Group Facilitation manual will be published in 2015.

Jamee Rae Pineda has co-authored the book Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery and the manual The Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual with Sherry Colby. This book is currently used as the main resource for the ministry. In addition, "The Solid Rock Road Group Facilitation Manual" is used by church leaders and recovery ministers as a guide for the 10-week group recovery process.

To find out more, call Pastors Jerry and Jamee Pineda at 541-778-8680.


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Solid Rock Road Christian recovery ministries are forming all over the U.S. and Mexico.

Start your 100% Bible-based recovery group using The Solid Rock Road method!

(Oregon, California, Washington, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Todo Santos (Mexico)  and La Paz (Mexico). To start a group in your area, our team will provide you with the resources and group facilitation skills you need. Call us at 541-778-8680 or send us an email at TheSolidRockRoad@gmail.com.


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